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So.... I've been avoiding posting.  I don't know why.  I've been reading other's posts and sending punches but for some reason just can't update my own life.  I think it's because my own life has returned to almost normal and I just don't want to be in my cancer world.  My fitness is fantastic, I'm feeling great, I have a tonne of energy and I have a cool purple streak in my cute, curly short hair.   I find it hard to believe I ever had chemo and all the assorted ills that came with it.  However, every 12 weeks I am reminded as I return for my rituxan infusion - And daily I curse my dry mouth!

The rituxan has been pretty easy.  Usually the benadryl knocks me out during the infusion and then I end up sleeping again when I get back home.  The first time I booked the next day off of work because I wasn't sure how I would feel but after that time I just worked the next day.  The only side effects seem to be joint stiffness but that could also be from lazing around.  

I have really started to make an effort to do things that I wanted to do last summer but couldn't .. (but I also only have one child at home now so it makes life a tad easier to do that).   I went to Finland with my sister, went to Ottawa for Canada Day (it was 150 year celebration too), made sure I swam in the lake as much as possible and I've been trying to spend time with friends and family.   

I'm going to make an effort to keep up with my friends here at Blog for Cure too.  I miss people and I want to support them.  See everyone again soon!  April


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Glad you are doing the best. Keep it that way for many more years hopefully. Best to you. God Bless you. Know what you mean by the premed of Benadryl making you sleep through treatment. Get the same thing and it really messes up sleep cycle for a couple days.
Take Care and enjoy it day by day.
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Good news, happy to hear you are doing so well and all paws/fingers for you. Love it that you are jumping into life with both feet - keep it up! Hugs :*)
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Glad to hear you are doing well! Rituxan is definitely a walk in the park compared to chemo. Keep living that life to the fullest!
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Hi April, thanks for posting- it's important for new members to see how quickly life returns to a 'new normal', relatively speaking.
I can understand your "not wanting to be a cancer person" anymore- all done with chemo and life goes on- but it has changed you and if there's any positive, it's enlightenment on enjoying family and nature. During my initial chemo, I avoided all things cancer as much as possible and tried living like nothing had changed despite losing every ounce of hair on my body and having no taste buds and dry mouth. About a year later, it finally hit me like a rock to the head- 'holy crap- I had cancer, I had chemo, I had spooky biopsies where they ran a freakin' Craftsman drill thru my hip bone, not once, but twice; I had spooky scans- but I made it'. Celebrate NED my friend! Please stop in and visit- maybe post a photo of school? MGBY April,
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you are so right about helping people see how life goes on. I valued your help throughout the entire process and promised I would do the same for others. Now I will live up the that promise. It's funny how the whole process has helped me in teaching... I teach a medical science course and all my personal experience with the different imaging techniques really helps me explain the processes. Thanks for the inspiration!
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Hi April! I'm so glad you are doing ok (in cancer speak, ok means great). How was Finland?? My Great-Grandparents were from Finland. My friend was there last month!
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Both my grandparents were from Finland so we decided to check it out. It is a wonderful country although the language is insane (but most people speak amazing English). The scenery was very similar to northern Ontario where I live (similar to upper peninsula of Michigan) so we felt very at home. I'm so glad I finally went. It's a place I would visit again.
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Swollen lymph node on jaw in front of ear and swollen lymph nodes on neck

May 26, 2016....itchy ears, eyes and throat. Quickly controlled by intravenous Benadryl.


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