Maintenance, work and my furry face!

Hi everyone, I had my first maintenance infusion last Thursday and everything went extremely well.   I snoozed throughout the infusion then again later at home (which completely ruined my sleep that night haha!).   I was dreading the IV needle but the nurse was absolutely amazing - and let's be honest....a little IV needle really is nothing much.   The only side affect was the next day I had rosy red cheeks and I felt a bit dozey (but that could be due to not being able to sleep because of my napping).   

Work has been GREAT!  I feel like I'm back into my old non-cancer world.  It is so energizing to be around people.   I sure was lucky to have been able to return when I was ready.   

One unexpected side affect that I noticed in January was that I have fine, light, white hair growing on the side of my face!   I hadn't read anything about that but once I searched the internet, I found many people had the same thing after chemo.  Some people said they waxed or shaved it off and others said they just let it fall out.   I decided to see how long it would take to fall out.  It is decreasing on the side of my face that I sleep on so I figure a couple of months and I should be good.    Crazy stuff!   

Anyway, spring is on the way (although we have a winter storm warning for tomorrow so the school buses will probably  be cancelled again) and I am starting to look forward to getting in the garden.   

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That's an interesting side effect! It good that your maintenance was uneventful. My friend used to get a headache. She started taking Tylenol prophylactically and she didn't get one! Yeah, fresh garden veggies sound good right about now! God bless.
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They gave me Tylenol before I started the infusion so maybe that helped prevent a headache. This is good to know though. It's just one thing after another with chemo......but it's so nice that we share our experiences to help other people!
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I had a bad joke about "Hi April, it's March tomorrow", but as you can see, I'm no joker. Interesting about the white hair- my beard disappeared during R-CHOP, but it then came back in quite quickly a thin hair white as Santa's beard- BUT- then it was replaced in about two months by my old salt & pepper I previously had, so in my case at least, the very thin all white did go away- I think if you search way back in my photos you'll see that the white beard came back in even before my MPB hair returned (and I would have welcomed a whole head of white hair if it grew where it hasn't since I was 21 years old)! Glad school is going well for you April. You sound good, actually great. Hope the progress continues. MGBY, John
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Haha! I got a giggle from your joke. The hair has actually grown on the side of my face like a beard (thank goodness you can hardly see it). I just hope it doesn't come in as a beard or I will be crying!
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Hi April, I am glad that work turned out to be great. It is strange the furry face hair I did not hear about it. I am glad I did not experience it. My hair is almost covering good my head right now. It grew up very curly and of course gray.
I did not know you were doing maintenance Rituxan I suppose? I don't have to do that thanks God. How long do you have to do it? Yey for the Spring although I live in California we had a lot of rain and cold lately and I also cannot wait for sunny days. Good luck! Dana
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Yes, the maintenance is Rituxan and I have to do it for two years every 3 months.... just to keep those T cells awake and attacking the bad B cells! Thank goodness the furry face is just at the side of my face! My hair on my head is coming in quite nice but slow growing... not a surprise since it grows slow anyway. So far it's straight though. Hope that rain stops soon!
Hi April, glad to hear that your maintenance infusion was going well. That sure is an unexpected side effect about your fine white hair growing on your face. I have never heard that before either. Glad its falling out on one side already.

Spring is on its way hopefully here on the West Coast soon too, haha, we had some crazy snow storms over the last 2 months. Vancouver broke the record with the snow fall, the last cold snap I read was over 30 years ago. I am so ready for spring, can't wait to dig in my garden too.

Happy to hear that your work is great, it is such a tremendous relief once back in the so called normal world, eh? Wishing you much success and continuous NED.

PS: quickly had to check my face for white hair I might not have noticed!!
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Well....since I posted that we have had two days of buses cancelled (the schools are open) and massive snow fall and really cold weather. I spoke too soon! Hope you are hairless!
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Yes, I am.... besides a few chin hair which suddenly appear at times, thank god for tweezers lol!!
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Good to hear you have been enjoying work again! As to the facial hair: I have had fuzzy hair on my face, and the " fur" is all but gone now. Eyelashes and eyebrows grew back at amazing speed.. Hair on my head is still very short. Chemo working its mysterious ways, I suppose.
Glad to hear you are responding well to maintenance therapy. I am on Rituxan every two months for 2 yrs and not on three months cycles as you. Will ask my onc why that differes from one person to the other. Where I live ( Europe) , treatments go very much by protocol and are not individualized, so maybe that's the reason. Do you know?
Hope you keep on feeling good. Happy spring to you.

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Let me know what your oncologist says about the timing. Everyone here is on a three month cycle - I'd like to know the difference. I found my eyebrows and eyelashes grew fast too! I was so relieved about that because it made me look "healthier".
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