My Fabulous Hair

My Fabulous Hair

OK..... I finally remembered to post the picture of my hair!     This is EXACTLY 3 years from the day I shaved all my hair off in preparation for losing it.  I did have it highlighted because of course the GREY grew back happily!   So never fear!  Your hair will grow back and before you know it you will be complaining about "bad hair days" again haha!  

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Gorgeous !!! :*)
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This is definitely a great hair day!! Gorgeous!!
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Looks beautiful!
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Fantastic April, thanks for sharing - I like the color a lot, not that a little grey would have been noticeable? Good luck with the school year.
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OH... it was more than a little grey..... but not enough to be that beautiful grey some women have.... school so far is fantastic! I'm lucky again this year!
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You have such pretty hair and the color is gorgeous! What color are those highlights?? Love em. Enjoy. You look great.
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I have no idea what colour my hairdresser does.... I just tell her to work her magic!
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Beautiful! It looks thick too.🤗
It's crazy thick.... it was before anyway but with the curl it's nuts! The newest hair is going back to normal now.
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Beautiful, I love the color!
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Thank you!
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